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Come and work with us! We are a leading company in the tourist industry. We are looking for people with or without experience in different areas. Our Net Center centralizes 8 departments in one place that has more than 80 work positions and we continue to expand. The departments are divided into: sales of incoming and outgoing certificates, reservations, verification, customer service, previous clients and pre-orders, among others.
Sales executives
Sales Web Marketing
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Customer Service

Sales Executives

One of the most important parts of our office is the certificate sales department. We contact clients and offer them stays in different destinations at very competitive prices. If you have no experience in sales and want to learn, we have a teaching system where you will learn step by step before talking to a client. You will be ready for your first sale! Do you want to be our next sales leader?

Sales Web Marketing

As an Inbound salesperson, you’ll receive calls from customers interested in buying vacation packages to different destinations. The bread and butter of inbound sales is that it encourages buyers to hand all their needs and wants and information to you, so you don’t have to make sweeping assumptions as to what they might need. By pulling together a buyer's actions in the inbound marketing process, the smart inbound salesperson will be able to craft a sales approach personalized to the buyer's interests. And that's important because inbound sales are really all about managing the buyer's journey.

Customer Service

We serve the reservation requirements of clients who have already purchased a promotional vacation package.

Verification Agent

We contact our clients who already have reservations with our affiliated hotels and verify that everything is in order so that when the client travels he/she can arrive at the hotel without any setbacks.

Listen to our managers, they know what you need to do
We understand that we work for money and this is why we offer a base payment plus all the commissions that you make in the month. Here, the one who earns the most, strives the most. All our departments offer the opportunity to earn more with commissions.
When I first started with the company, I started in the verification department. The company had many visions and goals and talked about expanding the Net Center. One of those visions was to create a department called the Pre-Arrival Department. A few months later, when this department opened, they offered me the opportunity to join the department and I took it. I was the first and only agent of the Pre-Arrival Program. In time I worked my way up to be the Manager of the Pre-Arrival Department and became a part of a very important part of Net Center. I lead a team that is full of commitment, goals and determination to grow. I have witnessed the Net Center start from nothing, and with time, became one of the biggest programs with monstrous success. We are finally ready to take the next step of accomplishment and we need your help! Join our family and start treating yourself, don’t cheat yourself!

I started three years ago, in the Sales Executives Department as a sales agent, and then a vacancy was opened in the Verification Department so I took this new opportunity. I learned how things worked and received another opportunity to grow and became the Verification Supervisor. I kept doing things well and thanks to my ambition, dedication and hunger I was promoted to become the Manager for the Verification Department. The department is growing and becoming a very important factor in this industry. Don’t miss out and come join us today!

I started four years ago in the Sales Executive Department as an agent. I already had sales experience and I spent a good time selling there. In time I joined the Referral Department as an agent but I was also supporting the Inbound Department due to the growth of that area. As the department grew, I was promoted to be the Supervisor for the Referral Department and left the Inbound Department, to later, be promoted as Manager of the Referral Department. My goals have definitely put me in the position that I am. Where there’s will there’s power, so come in and have the will to grow and be part of the family of TAFER resorts.