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Celebrating 6 years of experience and to celebrate we are expanding!
NetCenter Tafer Resorts

Don’t see us as another job; in our Net Center we want you to see us as your career with future and growth within the company. There are people who have been working with us for 6 years, demonstrating growth and especially learning day by day. All of our departments have a Manager in charge of the staff; properly carry out their work and their monthly goals. Each department is different and has completely different goals, it can be from number of sales, number of reservations, people contacted, number of calls made in the month, etc.

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Sales Executives
Sales Web Marketing

This department is in charge of prospecting future clients, and offer them vacations packages from different destinations with a super competitive price. It is worth mentioning that everything we offer is completely legal and without any type of fraud. We are one of the most prestigious and competitive companies in the industry.

In this department people with little or no experience are taught how to be a sales executive from scratch to bring them closer to the client and have the ability to finish their sales alone.

From this department several of our agents have been promoted to managers to other departments. Starting from scratch becoming little by little the great managers that they are now.

About US

We sell vacation packages to family and friends of our clients, offering our partner hotels such as Garza Blanca, Mousai and Villa del Palmar Cancun with a better offer for be a friend or family member of our client, which is inviting them to vacation at a special price, and must meet certain requirements to be able to be a creditor of these vacation package

We receive calls from Customers thanks to our websites, which are interested in buying our vacation packages. Our job is to solve all the doubts they may have and we offer them the confidence to buy with us.

We receive calls through online marketing, and it is for this reason that in this department it is required to have experience in sales, to close the sale on the call at the time of receiving it or on a subsequent call. The commissions on this department are very good for each sale.

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Reservations & Verifications
Customer Service

Our job is to contact clients 90 days prior to their arrival at our affiliated resorts. We offer them extra services apart from their stay such as meal plans, romantic dinners, excursions, transportation, groceries, massages, or any other service requested by the client. Our goal is to make a difference in our guest’s vacation by accommodating everything prior to their arrival.

Check the availability on our system and confirm the reservations of our clients in the different hotels to which we are affiliated. We see the days and the hotel specified by the client. In addition, we solve any inconvenience that may arise.

Main tasks to perform.
• Directly responsible for the entry and exit of correspondence.
• Address requests for space on individual reservations.
• Check available spaces on the computer and confirm reservations.
• Perform the correct filling of forms.
• Manage reservation control on the computer.
• Make sure the clients comply with the requirements to travel.

About Us

This department is responsible for resort and destination recommendations based on budget requirements, special promotions, and most importantly Customer support.

Customer Service