in Puerto Vallarta
Vacancies for october 2020
We are offering job opportunities in different departments. The only requirement that all departments have in common is the English Language. For this reason, the requirements and the information is provided in English.

We invite you to read the section "Our Departments" if you have any questions about the responsibilities that is done in each department and see which one may interest you the most.

In all the departments we have, we offer: competitive base salary, commissions (U.S. Dollars), social security benefits, bonuses, spiffs, and a great working environment.
Pre arrival Concierge

3 Places available

We are looking for enthusiastic, men & women, who want to grow personally in the world of Sales.


    * Conversational and Written English 80%+
    * Self-motivated
    * Previous Sales or Customer Service Experience
    * Ability to work as part of a team
    * Computer Skills
    * Ability to use Microsoft Office

Customer Service Agent

1 Places available

A new position is available in Customer Service. The agent will be responsible for contacting all active Trial members from the Cancun Exit program, in order to make their Villa del Palmar Cancun reservations and follow up clients until their arrival.

COMPENSATION: Base pay $1500 MN per week plus commissions in USD.

    * Excellent customer service abilities
    * Ability to work in a team
    * Social Abilities
    * Self-motivated
    * High Charisma
    * Computer skills

Referral Agent

10 Places available

For the new expansion we are looking for agents with sales experience (net center or not), people skills with charisma and availability to handle a Front to Back sale, this is a highly remunerated position!


    Full-Time ( 6 hours)
    * Men or Women
    * 25 years old and over
    * Experience in sales (Closing)
    * English 80% as a minimum
    * Basic computer knowledge
    * Self - Motivated
    * Goal Oriented

Sales Agent

6 Places available

No experience in sales needed. We can teach you how to become the best sales executive, you just need the desire to learn every day and be motivated to make money. If you have a lot of experience in sales and you can prove it here with us, a team will wait for you. We are looking for team leaders too.


    Full-time, part-time and temporary
    * Men or Women
    * 18 yrs old and over
    * Social skills
    * Goal Oriented
    * Ability to work in a team
    * Ambitious and outgoing
    * Experience in sales is a plus
    * Foreigners in Mexico are welcome to join us.